The Digital Agency is founded in 2018 with a mission – do great and effective work regardless the size of the project or client.

We work as your partner as a hybrid of creative and business as an extension of your in-house marketing and branding department.

Our team is your team.

We are creative, efficient, effective and provide a personalised service that is highly adaptable.

Market Research

There’s too much volatility, change, too many “unknowns” within your market and among your customers.

Prior to launching any venture, promotion, or product line, you’d be well advised to engage in thorough psychographic research (uncovering the true beliefs, desires, objections, and buying triggers of your market).

Don’t know where to start? The Digital Agency can help.

Search Engine Marketing

The first step to getting found online is to understand the mindset which causes someone to search for your services.

What is their motivation? How might they phrase their problem? How urgent is their need? What objections might they have?
Once we understand this, then we can run targeted campaigns that position you as the obvious solution.

Persuasive Content

The art of persuasion, whether by the written or the spoken word, boils down to: the right message, delivered to the right person, at the right time.

The purpose of your content should be to inspire action.

That is, to make a sale, or to generate a lead.
If your content isn’t doing either, then it’s broken.

The Digital Agency can help.

Website Design

Too many view a website as a “thing” they’ve got to have. A box to tick.

No. Your website is an asset.

Your website is the best salesperson you have. It works 24hrs/day, 365 days per year. It won’t call in sick and will never ask for a pay rise.

Have it designed effectively by The Digital Agency.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

All our clients were wasting obscene amounts of money before we intervened.

Spending thousands every month driving people to their website, only to convert the smallest percentage.
These kind of results are unacceptable, and entirely fixable once you understand the psychology of user behaviour.

The Digital Agency can help.

Marketing Automation

If you’re ready to scale up your sales, you need marketing automation in play.

Done properly, automation takes every single lead by the hand, guides them through your marketing funnel, and spits out a purchase-ready prospect.

All without you ever lifting a finger.

The Digital Agency can do that for you.

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